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Inlet Valves
Electric Valves
SuperValve Full Door
SuperValve Square Door
SuperValve Square Door w/Reversible Flange
SuperValve Full Door w/Reversible Flange
SuperValve Side-Opening
Non-Electric Valves
Square Door Valve
Round Door Valve
Full Door Valve
Side-Opening Valve
Enlarged Full Door Valve
ES Valve & Accessories
ES Mounting Plates
ES Mounting Plate for Stud Walls
ES Mounting Plate for Concrete Walls
ES Plaster Guard
ES Valve Trim Plate
ES Valve
Mounting Plates, Trim Plates & Accessories
Valve Trim Plate
Rough-in Cover Plate
Plastic Mounting Plate w/ 3/4" Spigot
Plastic Mounting Plate w/ 1/4" Spigot
All Metal Mounting Plate
Metal Mounting Plate w/ 3/4" Spigot Flange
Plaster Guards
Friction Fit Plaster Guard
Plaster Guard
Fittings, Installation Materials and Kits
Basic 7 Fittings
90º Sweep Elbow
90º Sweep Tee
45º Elbow
90º Sweep Elbow Spigot
90º Short Elbow
45º Elbow Spigot
Stop Coupling
Specialty Fittings
Pipe Accessories
Power Unit Intake
Installation Materials
Low Voltage Wire
Pipe Fire Barrier
Vacuum Suction Gage
Clear PVC Cement
Cable Ties
Piper Cutter
Mufflers & Exhaust Vent
High Frequency Intake Muffler
Cylinder Muffler 12"
Cylinder Muffler 6"
Exhaust Vent
Cylinder Mufflers
Cylinder Muffler 12"
Cylinder Muffler 6"
Inlet Kits
Three Inlet Kit w/Electric Valves
Three Inlet Kit w/ Round Door Non-Electric Valves
Three Inlet Kit w/Round Door & Pipes
Central Vacuum Pipes
Hoses, Tools and Kits
Crushproof 2-Wire (Low Voltage) Hoses & Kits
Crushproof 2-Wire (Low Voltage) Hoses
Air Packs
Turbo Packs
Crushproof 4 Wire (Dual Voltage) Hoses & Kits
Crushproof Hoses in Hayden Handle
Crushproof Hoses in Universal Handle
Deluxe SuperPack
Performance Pack
Premier Pack
Wire Reinforced 4 Wire (Dual Voltage) Hose & Kits
Wire Reinforced 4-Wire(Dual Volt) Hoses
Deluxe SuperPack
Air Hose & Kits
Air Hose & Kits
SuperSlinky Hose & Kit
Electrical Power Heads
Performance Power Head
Deluxe Power Head
Premier Power Head
Air Driven Brushes, Tools & Accessories
Deluxe Turbo Brush
Hose Jackets
Signature Tools & Sets
Horsehair Floor Brushes
Tool Caddy
Tool Bag
Vacuum Extension
Hose Hanger
Superlatch Wands
Telescopic Wands
Power Units
North American Models
SuperVac 5000
SuperVac 7000
SuperVac 9000
SuperVac C5
International Models
Condo Unit
SuperVac 5000 EU
SuperVac 7000 EU
SuperVac 9000 EU
Complete Central Vacuum System Kits
Tall Boy Kit A
Tall Boy Kit B

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