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SuperHose III

Canplas launched its new SuperHose III in the central vacuum market in early 2010. They are crushproof hoses, with a lot of new and innovative features that will satisfy the needs of both homeowners and the dealers:
• The new SuperHose III has a larger diameter, 1 3/8”, which provides 11% more airflow than the standard 1 π” diameter hose.
• The new air management system protects the delicate drapes and upholsteries by adjusting the suction with an adjustable lever.
• The new strain relief helps maintain a consistent suction by preventing kinks in the hose itself.
• The internal swivel function assures that the handle can rotate independently from the hose, and prevents annoying twists in the hose.
• The new SuperHose III is available in both Hayden and Universal cord management models, and will work with the majority of the wands in the market today.
• As a tradition, the hose has both the options of cuff models, pig tail and direct connect. But it is also designed with a feature of being extremely easy to switch between the two models, thus makes service work much easier.

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